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Our Story

Lucia Artur Roso is named after Suneila dos Santos’s (the founder) late grandmother. Lucia was a lover of traditional material which
lead her to having a whole collection of different patterns and materials. Essentially, they use the material in Mozambique as fashion
in the villages, where they tie it around their waist as a skirt. In addition, the material is also used to carry babies on their backs, as it’s
a strong and reliable material. Nevertheless, Lucia left all of her material to her grand daughter Suneila. Lar was then created to
continue Lucia’s legacy!

Lucia Artur Roso is a luxury brand with strong African
Aesthetic. The brand represents African pride
incorporating the vibrant African print fabric traditionally
known as Capulana in Mozambique. LAR Furthermore
represents African traditional wear redefined into a modern,
sophisticated yet everyday traditional wear.


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Our Vision & Mission

Lar’s vision is to have a world of different skin tones and body sizes proudly wearing traditional material in a modern & sophisticated manner in their every day lives with pride and integrity.

Our mission is to provide our customers with luxurious, sophisticated & modern everyday ladies wear as well as evening gowns, by manufacturing every single piece handmade by our team of highly professional and skilful team of seamstresses. We aim at providing our customers with high-grade quality of material from our suppliers in Mozambique that take the time to get the best quality materials from there and other neighbouring African countries such as Namibia.